Going Down

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Going Down

Going Down

Esta obra solo está disponible en inglés.

Synopsis: Get ready for the funniest ride of your life! A sadistic businessman gets trapped in an elevator with a bitchy bellman hellbent on revenge. He’s in for the ride of his life. Will he get out alive? Will he leave with all his parts? In this wild, sexy, absurd comedy, not everything is what it seems. God help them.

Cast: Manny Catalino, Mario Seijas & Alfonso Vieites
Written by: Michael Kingston
Directed by: Miguel Sahid

Genre: Comedy

Language: English

Parking: $5.00 con sello de la taquilla en el 1400 Biscayne Garage situado en el 1415 NE 2nd Ave

Tickets: https://tickets.microtheatermiami.com

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