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Música y aparte: LE PARODY IN CONCERT

Date: Thursday, May 15th, 2014
Time: 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

At: Centro Cultural Español de Miami
1490 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL, 33132


Sole Parody (voz, ukelele, sampler)
Frank Santiuste (trompeta, metalófono, coros)
Génre: Folktrónica

Le Parody is a controlled explosion of sounds and references difficult to classify. Sole provides the last name, voice, loops, lyrics, and melody, and Frank Santiuste contributes the brass. Her first work, CÁSALA (sound track), has become a well-known secret, begged to be heard on all sorts of stages.

Dial your lover’s number on a rotary phone. A strawberry and lime daiquiri. Navigate the cyber-punk future. The long path of yellow floor tiles. Scent of the Pacific and color of the Mediterranean. What best defines Le Parody is that it’s almost impossible to define.

And they don’t fall into the category of “never before seen” but instead, they advise us that all the stereotypes given to them should be studied on a deeper level. The very formation of Le Parody is unusual. Not only does Sole Parody provide the name, she also acts as the visionary, songwriter, composer, multi-instrument player and voice. Frank Santiuste’s trumpet and metallophone contribute the perfectly measured out, enveloping harmony in this very personal, and at the same time, deeply collaborative project.

The narrative thread in this intense musical tide is completed by the loops that go along with Le Parody: they remind us of black and white films, but their messages, sometimes sudden and passionate (YOUR BODIES (tu barco)), other times ironic and distant (FAMILY TRIP (una familia feliz)), have not lost a shred of validity. In this organic and mechanic cocktail of her voice, sampler, brass and wind, they play a fundamental role in the strings of the ukulele that hangs around Sole’s neck, strummed by her hands from time to time.

In November 2012 Le Parody released its first full-length album, after an EP with four songs that won and became a finalist in several national (Música Abierta of UNIA, Creación Joven of INJUVE) and international (Acción Habana) competitions. The EP made Le Parody one of the most desired secrets of the music scene. CÁSALA (sound track) is an album as complex as its author’s life, so full of little details that make you want to dance and party without denying the existential anguish (PAIN KILLER (la felicidad)). It also creates hypnotic bridges between the Sonora and Sahara deserts (AMUM ANDADAD (la herida)), including the changes in rhythm and language presented in TIP TOE (punta tacón).

CÁSALA (sound track) was produced by the subtle and personal César Berzal. It has been awarded several times: first prize of Proyecto Demo 2013 and the best rough cut of the year by Mondo Sonoro magazine in 2012. The success of her first work led to its re-release by PIAS Records merely a year after it first came out.

You’ve got to add soul to all things previously mentioned when it comes it live performances. Among the audience members, it’s easy to find the same faces show after show. The reason is simple: every show is unique. Her performance adapts naturally to the multiple layers of her sounds without losing acoustic strength because Sole is truly a wild animal on stage, capable of connecting with the audience’s mood.

In recent months, she´s been working incessantly and has performed in prestigious festivals (FIB Festival Internacional de Benicàssim, Sinsal San Simón, BAM Barcelona Acció Musical, Mercat de Música Viva de Vic, Estepa Mediterránea, etc.), on the national television (Los Conciertos de Radio 3), in intimate concerts in impossible scenarios (a freezer, art galleries, your living room), playing in the best venues all over Spain, one of which is the legendary Sol of Madrid. Although it’s hard to claim to have heard anything similar, her melodies sound like an old friend, because her songs are nothing more and nothing less than 21st century folk music.

WEBSITE:http://leparody.bandcamp.com/  ||  http://leparody.tumblr.com/

SOCIAL:https://www.facebook.com/leparody || https://twitter.com/soleparody || http://www.youtube.com/user/soleparody