Book Presentation Theater V

by Guillermo Arango


January 10th 2019


7 p.m.

Book Presentation Theater V

CCEMiami would like to invite you to the book presentation Theater V  by Guillermo Arango.

Title of the book: THEATER V
Name of the author: Guillermo Arango
Year of publication: 2019
Publisher: Ediciones Baquiana
Collection: Rumbos Terencianos
ISBN: 978-1-936647-38-5

Participants in the book presentation:
Guillermo Arango (author of the book) and Maricel Mayor Marsán (playwright, literary critic, and director of the Editorial Board of Baquiana Literary Magazine).

The one-act play “El parque de las palomas (The park of the pigeons)” will be directed by the young director Magyani Medina and performed by the actors: Tania Guzmán, Ariel Texidó, Magyani Medina and Rodolfo Jaspe.

Comments about the book:
“The five plays that appear in this fifth volume of theatrical plays (Adagio | Un lugar para vivir | La ruta de las mariposas | El parque de las palomas | El viento que pasa) ─Cubans in their circumstances─they are not meant to have social or historical inferences… The author considers himself to be heir of an uncertain time which he has been unable and unwilling to break from.”

About the author of the book: Guillermo Arango (Cienfuegos, Cuba)
He is a poet, narrator, essayist and playwright. He studied Art, Philosophy and Humanities at the University of Saint Thomas of Villanueva (Cuba) and Literary Creation at Loyola University (Chicago). For many years he has been a professor at the university level, as well as a film critic. He has published six books of poetry. The most recent is: Ceremonias de amor y olvido (Linden Lane Press, 2013). He has published three books of short stories with Ediciones Universal: Gatuperio (2011), El año de la pera, tradiciones, relatos y memorias de Cienfuegos (2012), and El ala oscura del recuerdo (2013). He has published four books of short plays with Ediciones Baquiana: Teatro ─Todos los caminos, Nube de verano, La mejor solución (2016); Teatro II ─Los viejos días perdidos, Entre dos, Encuentro, Ensayo de un crimen (2017); Teatro III ─Retablillo del amor rey: Un testigo veraz y La petición de Rosina, Una proposición decente, Las dos muertes de Gumersindo el indiano, Romance de fantoches (2017); and Teatro IV ─Mañana el paraíso, Noche de ronda, La corbata roja, El uno para el otro, Mi hermana Vilma, Dos trenzas de oro, El plato del día, Espejismo, Coto de caza, Los pescadores (2018). He has been the recipient, in three different occasions, of the Scholarship of the National Endowment for the Humanities. He has won several prizes in the categories of poetry and prose. In the 2008, his dramatic piece Todos los caminos (All the roads), was awarded the International Prize of Theater Alberto Gutiérrez de la Solana, sponsored by the Pan-American Circle of Culture in New Jersey. In October of 2016 he was distinguished with the Ohio Latino Award for his literary excellence. He has resided for several decades in the State of Ohio, USA.

Admission free. This event is in Spanish.

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