“Five senses of the Canaries”

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Centro Cultural Español and the Government of the Canary Islands in Miami would like to invite you to the Canary Islands’ Cultural Week: “Five senses of the Canaries”

This Cultural Week of the Canaries aims to project, through the five senses, the multiple cultural expressions of the Canaries Islands which maintains nowadays connections with South America and with Florida.

The exhibition “Islas de Luz” is the first activity of this cultural week, opening on June 2nd, 7pm at Lelia Mordoch Gallery. It has been produced by Canarias Cultura en red. “Islas de Luz” is an exhibition that shows the creative and new Cultural Heritage of the Canaries to Miami’s residents. Artists such as Teresa Correa, Enma Manescau and Carolina Rodríguez Chinea) from the Canaries, (Riccardo Scibetta) from Italy, and (Georgios Kalogeropoulos) from Greece, but resident in Florida, will be presenting their work.

Georgios Kalogeropoulos will have a few photos of his “me & me” project. ¨Rethinking whatever goes undercover. A glance to what it could be instead of what it looks to be. An underlying emotion per se, so as the process to explore it, can and should be vital. “me and me” project is his tribute to the importance of introspection. A process each resident of or traveler to an island has to undertake given the land limitations imposed by the sea¨. The exhibition will be open to the public until June 9th.

On June 3rd at 7pm at CCEMiami a series of short films produced by directors from the Canaries Islands will be projected. While on June 4th at 8pm, Saida Santana’s performance: Visual Poems, Una Josefina del siglo XXI will take place.

The cultural week will be closing with Benito Cabrera’s concert “Suenan las Islas” on June 5th at 8pm. Benito Cabrera Hernández is a Canarian timple composer and virtuoso. Born in 1963 on Lanzarote, in 1982 he moved to Tenerife to study psychology in University of La Laguna.

There is free admission for all activities