Spain at PINTA

Spanish representation


December 6th -9th 2018


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Spain at PINTA


Continuing with the presentation of participating nations in Pinta Countries, Yara Sonseca, curator of Pinta España, explains the concepts and decisions behind her space. Since this is the first time that the Iberian country participates in Pinta Miami, the proposal showcases the most international artists and renowned galleries of the Spanish scene:

– GC Art Projects

– Moisés Pérez de Albéniz

– Palma Dotze

– Ponce+Robles

– 6más1
Pinta España will approach painting from different vectors. It has built an eclectic selection that goes from the conceptualism of Julio Falagán, through the expanded painting of Alejandro Botubol and Guillermo Mora, and up to the large-scale works of Santiago Giralda, just to mention a few of the artists. “Represented by reputed galleries from Madrid, Barcelona and Oviedo, the selected artists stand in for a generation -mainly from the 80s- that grew up in a European and cross-border context,” the curator notes.

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