A conversation with Belen Gopegui

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May 2nd, 7pm

CCEMiami would like to invite you to a conversation with the Spanish writer Belen Gopegui with the participation of Gema Pérez- Sánchez, Ph.D., (University of Miami).

There is free admission.

About Belen Gopegui. Graduate in Law at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
She has published the novels La escala de los mapas (1993) – -The scale of maps (2001) in City Lights Books-, Tocarnos la cara (1995) La conquista del aire (1998) Lo real ( 2001) El lado frío de la almohada (2004), El Padre de Blancanieves (2007), Deseo de ser punk (2009) in Anagrama Publishing Company and Acceso no autorizado (2011) and El comité de la noche (2014) in Penguin Random House.

In SM she has published some children books: El balonazo (2008), El día que mamá perdió la paciencia (2009) and El amigo que surgió de un viejo ordenador (2012) She has cooperated with the script of La suerte dormida, directed by Ángeles González-Sinde. She is the author of the script of El principio de Arquímedes, directed by Gerardo Herrero, who also directed Las razones de mis amigos, based on the novel La conquista del aire. She has written the play El coloquio in cooperation with Unidad de Producción Alcores. In UDP she has publishes a book with collected essays Rompiendo algo (2014). From time to time she writes articles in different newspapers.

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